W20 MKM Wood Rib


 MKM Wood Rib W20 works well as a general use rib for large gently curved bowls, platters and vase forms.  It’s also handy as a small paddle.  The dimensions are 20.6 x 5.7 cm (8.1 x 2.2 inches). 


Wood Ribs are 1 cm thick pieces of European beech carefully shaped, carved to a fine edge, and finished with Tung oil for extra durability. Wood Ribs are designed for maximum functionality when throwing.  The shapes of the ribs vary according to the function and size of the clay objects. Large plate ribs for large plates, tiny bowl ribs for very small pots, and straight cylinder ribs for tall cylinders. Rigid ribs are the best for achieving form.  The fine edge of the rib reduces torque on the pot. If the rib becomes slightly worn and the grain becomes raised lightly sand the edge of the rib to bring back its high performing edge.  


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