Smr-086 Mini Round Stamp – Hibiscus Flower


The Smr mini stamp is a versatile tool with a diameter of 1 cm (0.4 inches) that can be used to create beautiful patterns on various soft mediums. These mediums include natural clays, porcelain, polymer clays, cookie dough, and fondant.


The hibiscus flower mini stamp is 1 cm (0.4 inch) in diameter.

MKM Smr stamps are mini stamps made from precision-cut wood, featuring unique designs that create deep and beautiful impressions on clay. The bevel carving of the stamps allows for easy release from the clay surface. These stamps are durably finished to ensure long-lasting use and protection. Cleaning the stamps is a simple process, involving water and a soft toothbrush, but it’s essential to avoid letting them sit in water for extended periods to maintain quality.

The versatility of MKM stamps allows them to be used on various clay projects, such as pinch pots, slab pieces, and thrown work, offering the opportunity to create distinctive designs. One of the advantages of MKM stamps is the ability to achieve deep impressions without leaving unwanted circles around the stamped design.

Moreover, these stamps are suitable for use with any type of clay, including polymer and metal clays. They are even finished with food-grade oil, making them safe for use on fondant and dough to create interesting impressions.

Overall, MKM stamps offer a creative tool for clay artists, enabling them to enhance their projects with unique and intricate designs.

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Additional information

Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 2 × .4 × .4 in

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