MKM Professional Series Rigid Stainless Steel Ribs
Create Beauty in Clay!
MKM Steel Ribs are being discontinued.
Order now while supplies still last.

MKM Steel Ribs Photo

MKM Professional Series ribs consists of 22 differently shaped ribs made of a 1mm thick rigid stainless steel (1.5 mm thick for the larger ribs). The ribs have a variety of curves, sizes, and shapes to fit a wide variety of needs -- small rounded ribs for inside jars and bottles, plate ribs of several dimensions, finishing ribs, cylinder ribs, bowl ribs of every size and curve, ribs for flanged plates, etc. The smooth and narrow edges of the ribs allow for excellent control of the clay surface, very low drag against the clay wall, and an unprecedented ease of use. In short, these ribs are designed to work with you and for you in ways that have so far been unavailable to the potter

Tips for using MKM Steel Ribs:

• To avoid grog trails, do not hold the rib perpendicular to the clay, but rather at a sharper angle.

• To avoid chatter with wood or steel ribs, re-wet the clay surface.

• Feel free to attach these ribs to your MKM Ultimate Throwing Sticks. They work great.

• Note: MKM Steel Ribs have ceased production. However, we still have inventory available for the following ribs: S6 and S12b. Order yours today before inventory runs out.

MKM Steel Rib photo


MKM Steel Rib S6
The S6 steel rib is great for vertical wall compression.
The curved side allows you to work the sides of
gently curved exterior walls of vase and jar
forms. Angling it away from the vertical,
decreases the effective curve of the rib.
length: 4.125" X 1.875"| 10.48cm X 4.76cm

MKM Steel Rib photo


MKM Steel Rib S12b
This very useful steel rib is great
for large bowls and plates
And it also comes in the smaller S12a,
(see above).
dimension: 6" X 3.875"
15.24cm X 9.84cm


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